Technology Recruiting

Lightsource Consulting is a leader in hands-on recruiting for the designers and decision-makers of technology's frontiers. Your most stringent requirements of high-precision, high-energy, high-purity, high-vacuum — or all of the above — are more critical than ever to the processes, equipment and instruments through which you are shaping the future of industry.

Sustaining Relationships

Lightsource's focus has always been on sustaining relationships with clients, and candidates, working in the most advanced fields of engineering and the physical sciences.

Whatever the state of the global business environment, this cutting edge of high technology faces a continual demand for top talent. And in any application, the engineering and science we've focused on continually flourishes when facing the challenges ahead.

Renewable Industries

Lightsource is particularly proud to contribute to the evolution of this energy sector, which boasts a world-class workforce, abundant resources, and forward-thinking leadership both public and private.


We continue to develop our ability to cultivate the engineering abilities demanding by ever more precise regimes of the future's microelectronics and manufacturing developments.

Lifesciences & Bioengineering

Our candidates in engineering for the lifescience fields find a challenging and rewarding demand for their talents in robotics, software, radiation and electronics, animated by the greatest hopes of medicine and biology.

For our clients...

High technology means that the constant advances in engineering their customers demand are also pursued diligently by the competition. The right recruiters can help greatly with the ongoing competition for talent.

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Amazing Talent

Amazing Talent

"It has been one of the greatest experiences in my life to work with Holly to restart my career after three years on hiatus. With a deep insight and exceptional truthfulness, Holly found this wonderful job for me, and guided me with care through the hiring process from the beginning to the end. I truly appreciate her people-oriented professionalism, proactive and timely communication, and her amazing talent to maneuver and make things happen.

"To me, even after months passed, Lightsource Consulting stays as a rare example of a profession that works like an angel, changing someone's life with a blessing."